Wings of Healing
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‘Breaking news’
Category: Appreciation

Breaking news as UK Ambassador Susanna Moorehead held a reception event for British charity Wings of Healing. Click here to read more

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Letter from Theresa May

Dr Onsy Louca recieves a letter of recognition for the outstanding volunteer work that Wings Of Healing are doing across the continent with providing essential care to women. Please click here to read the full letter.

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August 2018 10 day mission
Category: Addis Ababa

Wings of Healing Charity, St Paul Hospital, Addis Ababa and a Gynaecologist from Waliso and a surgical nurse from Axum have just completed a 10 day mission to Durame in the Southern Region. 100 women received surgical treatment for debilitating degrees of pelvic organ prolapse. The team worked very well together. A young Gynaecology resident […]

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“Breaking News 2018”

Wings of Healing will organise a mission to Africa every other month in 2018. Look out for updates on these future visits on our website. Click here to read about our past trips

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Dr Onsy Louca

“Through ‘Wings of Healing’, you are changing the lives of tens of thousands of women in Africa. You and your team are doing inspirational work in providing essential care to vulnerable women across the continent.” Click here to read the full article    

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Doctors Training & Screening

The team is joined by a number of gynaecology trainees. Many of them were trained to treat some of the common gynaecology procedures. The team introduced cervical screening in some areas of Addis Ababa and the area covered is getting bigger. Over the next few years we should see a reduction in the number of […]

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Medical Missions of 2017

Wings of Healing has been been carrying out 2 medical missions a year for over five years. In every mission the team saw free of charge 300-500 patients and operated on 80-100 patients in every mission. In many of the earlier missions WoH hired a private hospital at the cost of £15,000 to £22,000 and […]

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Letter of appreciation from Axum University Hospital

A report on the November 2016 mission A team of 14 doctors, nurses and support staff travelled to Addis Ababa and there to Axum in North Ethiopia. The hospital team reviewed a number of patients with debilitating degrees of female pelvic organ prolapse. 89 patients had their surgery successfully and they all went home in […]

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Cairo Charity
at 2016

Wings of Healing is helping a Charity in Cairo that is providing medical care to refugees  from Nuba

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Ethiopia 2016
at 9:00 am - 6:00pm

  A Wings of Healing team of 18 members travelled to Ethiopia on Saturday the 14th May 2016

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Dear Onsy I hope that you had an uneventful flight and a good sleep. It has given me enormous pleasure to be associated with Wings of Healing but I have never felt that your website does justice to what you have achieved and the contribution you have made to the lives of so many impoverished […]

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Premier Christian Radio DAB

Listen to our Wings of Healing interview on Premier Christian Radio DAB 10 November 2015 Premier Radio reaches right into the heart of Christian life; challenging, discussing and rejoicing in it. Listen to the interview:

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