Wings of Healing
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Medical Missions to Africa

Wings of Healing started medical missions in Ethiopia 2011. We conducted 2 medical campaigns every year till 2015. Since then we carried more frequent campaigns. Up to March 2020, WOH carried out 37 medical campaigns and performed over 2600 surgical procedures for pelvic organ prolapse and over 100 procedures for different types of gynaecological cancer. We focus on providing care in the rural areas where expertise and facilities are limited. WOH provides all the surgical material required and provided assistance for patients’ travel. During many campaigns, patients received as well food and clothes. Read more

Doctors Training & Screening - common conditions

Ethiopia has one of the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world. There have been attempts to offer screening for the majority of females eligible for screening. The uptake and the facilities are limited. WOH trained a number of nurses and doctors to screen and treat if required in one visit. In addition WOH screens for diabetes in big communities. In Axum 10,000 people were screened for diabetes. WOH trainer 2 gynaecological surgeons to conduct safe surgical treatment for pelvic organ prolapse. Three more have started their training. We aim to train as many doctors as possible.Read more

Supporting Egyptian Charities - refugees & homeless children

Volunteer medical professionals have stepped forward to provide check-ups and encouragement for good health habits for children who attend Stephen’s Children’s sports camps, as well as our schools. For most of the children, it is the first time they have been seen by a doctor or dentist. Read more

How is your money spent

Help for cause

Wings of Healing are currently supporting a number of Charities in Egypt. One of them is focusing on education and health for the underprivileged children and the other is focusing on providing financial support for the Sudanese refugees in obtaining health treatment. The main focus of the Charity is to provide health screening and treatment for many gynaecological conditions in Ethiopia. The team carried out 3 missions in 2016 and there are plans to increase the number of missions to four a year. Some of them may last for 3 weeks. Screening for cervical cancer is our main focus. The Charity will provide facilities and training to many local gynaecologists for screening and treatment for cervical abnormalities.

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WOH carried out 37 medical campaigns over the last ten years. WOH are planning to carry out 6-8 medical/surgical campaigns a year and another 2-3 campaigns humanitarian campaigns.

Letter of appreciation from the Aksum University

Letter of appreciation 2017

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