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Doctors Training & Screening
By: Wings of Healing Update
Apr 12, 2017

The team is joined by a number of gynaecology trainees. Many of them were trained to treat some of the common gynaecology procedures. The team introduced cervical screening in some areas of Addis Ababa and the area covered is getting bigger. Over the next few years we should see a reduction in the number of cases of cervical cancer, the biggest killer of women in Africa. More than 10,000 people were screened for diabetes and high blood pressure in Axum. The screening continued by the staff of Axum University Referral Hospital. Screening for Cervical cancer is well underway. The team will donate facilities to screen for cervical abnormalities in Axum. The screening will spread to other parts of the country as Wings of Healing are obtaining cryocautery guns and other equipment to screen and treat early stage cervical abnormalities.