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Building a community centre in Egypt for the kids and their families
By: Wings of Healing Update
Aug 5, 2015

This COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTER (CEC) is in a heavily populated slum; that is still attracting many new comers and growing in number.

In this CEC children of the slum community from the ages of 2 till the age of school (about six years) can come daily to get to know Jesus, learn how to pray and speak to their heavenly Father, learn a Biblical story every week and memorise a Psalm every month to establish their Christian identity. They also receive education; English, Arabic Maths, Computer and General Knowledge to be well equipped and ready to join school. They play and use facilities and activity games that develop their creativity and characters in an atmosphere of love and utmost care served by continuously trained teachers and workers. They are also provided a meal to ensure healthy growth.

We have purchased this 2 floors building we are currently buying, then we will be adding a floor and finishing and furnishing it to be a new Community Education Center in a poor area in Giza (AL Tawabiq).


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