Wings of Healing
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Medical Missions of 2017
By: Wings of Healing Update
Apr 12, 2017

Wings of Healing has been been carrying out 2 medical missions a year for over five years. In every mission the team saw free of charge 300-500 patients and operated on 80-100 patients in every mission. In many of the earlier missions WoH hired a private hospital at the cost of £15,000 to £22,000 and provided most of the medical equipment. In the more recent missions, WoH team was sent by the Ministry of Health to some remote areas in Ethiopia. The team has done 2 missions to Worabe Hospital in the south west and 2 missions to Axum in the north east of the country. The number of missions will increase to 4 missions a year. In 2016 the team have carried out 3 missions to different parts of Ethiopia. In 2017, three missions have been planned and a smaller number of the team may do one or 2 further missions.