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Dawro Trip Report
Report of the May/June 2021 mission
By: Wings of Healing Update
Jul 8, 2021

Purpose of the mission: To Provide Pelvic Organ Prolapse Treatment for 50 women in Dawro Zone, Tarcha General Hospital
General Objectives of the mission: To end the hidden suffering of mothers with POP

Specific objectives

  • To treat 50 women suffering from POP in Dawro Zone
  • To Provide Surgical skill development training for 3 gynacologists on safe POP surgical management
  • To Raise community awareness on POP and other SRH services
  • To mobilize patients for POP management
  • To Strengthen the capacity of Tarcha General Hospital

Team Members from Addis

  1. Dr. Onsy Louca: Urogynacology consultant
  2. Dr. Feven G/egziabher: WOH country program Director
  3. Dr. Hawine Bekele: WOH program Coordinator
  4. Dr. Birhan Tadesse : Trainee
  5. Dr. Yohana G/mariam: Trainee

Outcomes of the mission

Fifty mothers with Pelvic Organ Prolapse have been treated.
  • Surgical treatment: 44 mothers
  • Ring pessary: 6 mothers
Surgical skill development training was given for:
  • One local gynacologist working in Tarcha General Hospital and
  • Two final year Gyni/Obs residents
Tarcha General hospital was equipped with different Medical and Surgical supplies and equipment.
In collaboration with the zonal Health Bureau, community awareness increasing activities were done using existing outreach models
  • Health Extensions workers distributed IEC/BCC tools using fliers on POP prevention and treatment
  • Community awareness sessions were conducted in kebeles and schools using health extension worker
Community mobilization campaign conducted through outreach activity on POP and other SRH services
  • 1500 mothers from 11 weredas and Tarcha city administration has attended
Blankets and Face masks were distributed for 50 mothers
Conducted feeding program for 100 street children and elders living under extreme poverty

List of donation

A total of 305,621birr worth medical supplies and equipment has been donated to Tarcha General Hospital

No Item description QuantityDelivered
1 Pack Vaginal Hysterectomy 1
2 Pack Abdominal Hysterectomy 1
3 Maingots Hysterectomy clamp CVD8 6
4 Needle holder 2
5 Metzenbaum scissor carved 1
6 Retractor Landon 1
7 Swab gauze 45*45cm 1
8 Swab gauze 22.5*22.5cm 3
9 Vaginal ring pessaries 5
10 Absorbable surgical suture number 1 130
11 2-O Vicryl suture 50
12 Foley Catheter 45
13 Surgical Blade 45
14 Sterile Surgical glove local UK 167
15 Surgical Leggings 42
16 Spinal needle 50
17 Iv cannula UK 44
18 Tranxaemic acid 500mg 1
19 Tranxaemic acid 500mg/ml 1
20 Surgical Gowns 42
21 Diclofenac PR Suppositories 100mg 6 Box of 10
22 Paracetamol 500mg tablet 4 Box of 100
23 Heavy Marcaine 0.5% solution 10 Box of 5
24 Cefuroxime 750mg 5 Box of 10
25 Co amoxiclav625mg tabletp CVD8 25Box of 21
26 Local made Surgical Gowns, drapes, leggings and table cover 2 set
27 Patient gowns 5
28 Normal saline 197
29 Disposable glove 600
30 Gauze roll 5
31 Urine bag 40
32 Syringe 251
32 Other drugs like Lidocaine, Ketamine, Hydralazine, Metoclopramide, PTU, Propranol, Dexamethasone, etc…


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