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Wings Of Healing give FREE treatment
By: Wings of Healing Update
Nov 26, 2014

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Addis Ababa: November 13, 2014 (FBC) – A medical group drawn from Wings of Healing, a UK-based charity organization, is giving free medical service to women suffering from cervical cancer of uterine cancer at Bethel hospital in Addis Ababa.

More than 700 mothers have benefited from the free medication service the group provided during the past six months. Out of the 700 beneficiaries close to 100 were operated, it was indicated.

Cervical cancer is the second killer of women internationally, according to World Health Organization. Over 85 percent of the 270,000 women who die from the disease annually occur in developing countries.

In Ethiopia too cervical cancer is among the reproductive health diseases that kills many women.

According to the leader of the medical group, Dr. Onny Loukan, the group comes to Ethiopia twice in a year to provide free medication for victims of cervical cancer and uterine cancer.

The group is currently treating eight women in a day, Dr. Loukan said, adding that it would treat one hundred women during its stay.

Source: ENA

Posted by Mikiyas Tesfaye

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