Wings of Healing
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About us

We are doctors, surgeons, GPs, professors, consultants and professionals. We want to help because there is so much need

Small charity, big ambitions

The union of our founding members came about after individual involvement in medical aid work in Ethiopia through a larger international charity. Wings of Heeling is currently a small UK based charity, although we have big aspirations to grow and develop in the future.

Medical aid & education

The main focus of the charity is providing medical aid and education to African countries. Medical education is one of our utmost priorities. This enables long term improvement rather than short term relief. We work closely with local health professionals in the areas we visit, helping them to develop their skills and the services they provide to local people.

A focus on women & pregnancy

Our founders have a particular interest in women & children’s health and much of our initial work will be done in this areas. We especially want to focus on improving the safety of pregnancy and childbirth for African women.

Local connections

At present our work involves sending groups of healthcare professionals to Ethiopia. Whilst there, our teams focus on the teaching and training of local surgeons and doctors. We provide medical equipment and much needed. resources including medicines, most of which is donated.


Much needed

The charity is reliant upon donations and money raised by our events. Being a small charity, we are able to ensure that every penny of donated money goes directly to those in need. Due to established connections much of our work is currently focused in Ethiopia.