Wings of Healing
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Upcoming Africa trips

Our upcoming trips:

WOH opened an office in Addis Abeba. We provide humanitarian Aid, help to the communities and cervical screening throughout the year. In addition we continued to do our surgical missions by teams made of British and Ethiopian healthcare workers. We will carry out 6 surgical missions a year.

  • Trip Date:  4th March – 18th March

The team goes to Ethiopia every month.


The mission members will do the normal educational activities as well as provide medical services to some of the very needy patients. The mission members will visit the orphanage that Wings of Healing supports. However, work with the local health professionals and the social workers in Ethiopia will continue till then. The services are likely to be provided in Worabe Hospital. Worabe is a 176 KM (110 miles) south to Addis Ababa.


Wings of Healing is committed to continue providing gynaecological care to as many needy patients as possible. The Charity is very happy with the support it received from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health. The team is happy to be operate where there is a need.

The team enjoyed working with Ethiopian Specialists and residents. The team is committed to sharing our experience with our Ethiopian colleagues.

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Wings of Healing cares for more children

  • Wings of Healing agreed with the owner of The Children’s Village, an orphanage housing 19 children, a plan to increase the number of the orphans and street children cared for.
  • 100% of the money will be spent on the children’s needs including providing education.
  • £25 per month is our benchmark for taking care of one child per month.
  • There are also 65 children round the orphanage who are coming to attend the school at the moment, with plans to increase this number.