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Terms and conditions

Please read important information about UK gift aid and our T&Cs

These General Terms & Conditions govern your use of the Wings of Healing website at and your relationship with Wings of Healing in relation to your use of Wings of Healing

Please read these General Terms & Conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law. By registering with Wings of Healing you are agreeing to these General Terms & Conditions. We amend these General Terms & Conditions from time to time and it remains your responsibility to check these General Terms & Conditions when you access Wings of Healing. These General Terms & Conditions were most recently amended on.

If you have any questions on these General Terms & Conditions, please contact [email protected]

These General Terms & Conditions are divided into three Sections:

Section 1 – Registering With Wings of healing – sets out the provisions relevant to registering with Wings of healing, including benefits and fees.
Section 2 – Donations Processing – sets out the provisions relevant to the donation payment services and fees.
Section 3 – General Provisions – sets out the general provisions relevant to the provisions set out in Sections 1 and 2.

Gift Aid

Each supporter is responsible at all times for making an accurate Gift Aid declaration when they make a donation through Wings of healing. We are not responsible for any false or inaccurate Gift Aid declarations made by a supporter.

When supporters make a donation on Wings of healing they are asked to confirm two statements in order to claim Gift Aid on their donation:

– I am a UK tax payer and I am donating my own money. The following types of donations would not be eligible for Gift Aid

– Cash collections donated through Wings of healing
– Money donated on behalf of someone else, or a group of people
– Money donated by a company or other organisation

– I will not receive any benefit as a result of my gift (e.g. some types of membership). Examples where the supporter would be receiving a benefit include, but are not limited to:

– Some types of membership subscriptions
– Ticket sales
– Lotteries or raffles
– Any other trading, e.g. buying sports equipment
– Where a person connected with the supporter is receiving the benefit e.g. their child

The supporter also has to provide their full name and home address under HMRC rules, without this information Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

The charity or community group is also responsible at all times to ensure that no benefit is transferred to the supporter as a result of their donation in accordance with HMRC guidelines. For advice on what could constitute a benefit please refer directly to HMRC’s website.

If the Gift Aid scheme is not being advertised properly by a charity then this counts a misuse of platform. Wherever possible Wings of healing will communicate with the charity before taking an action, but repeated or serious misuse will lead to suspension or termination of the charity’s account, including but not limited to, the removal of their webpage and donation functionality.

If HMRC rejects a Gift Aid declaration made by a supporter, no payments in respect of such Gift Aid will be made to you. If HMRC requests the Foundation to refund a previously paid Gift Aid claim, Wings of healing will contact you, and may either invoice you for the Gift Aid refund amount and/or deduct the Gift Aid refund amount from future donations made to you.

If a Gift Aid claim is rejected immediately and the Gift Aid claimed is not transferred from HMRC to the Foundation, neither Wings of healing nor the Foundation will receive any fees or charges in respect of such rejected Gift Aid claim. However, if HMRC requests the Foundation to refund a previously paid Gift Aid claim to HMRC, Wings of healing will contact you, and may charge you any applicable fees and charges (as described below) in respect of such Gift Aid claim either by invoice or by deduction from future donations made by supporters through Wings of healing where you are the supporter’s designated charity.

The Gift Aid tax reclaim rate is 25p for every £1 donated. This is subject to change as per HMRC’s guidelines.