Wings of Healing
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Our journey

Small, but growing. Wings of healing is a small UK-based charity with big dreams of improving healthcare in African countries

Wings of Healing is a small UK based charity with big dreams of improving healthcare in African countries. Our main focus is women’s health, particularly maternal health, making motherhood safer for African women. Maternal mortality and morbidity in countries such as Ethiopia, where our work is currently focused, are amongst the highest in the world.

Teaching medicine

Much of our work is done through education. We feel this is the key to ensuring long term benefit for the people of developing nations. The charity is involved with teaching a variety of different healthcare professions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We have established links with local medical and midwifery schools within Ethiopia. Our volunteers will spent a large proportion of their time teaching and training, something which we have found to be extremely rewarding.


Access to health

Another goal of the charity is to establish a number of primary healthcare centres. We want to improve access to community healthcare which is presently very poor. Around 85% of people in Ethiopia live in rural areas and have limited access to medical facilities, often having to walk long distances to see a doctor, nurse or midwife. Having centres which service several villages will allow people access to basic healthcare services such as child vaccination and antenatal check-ups.

The future

At present the charity runs twice yearly aid missions to Ethiopia. We hope to increase the number of visits as the charity grows and develops and in the future have our own health centres will full time staff.  Our work does of course rely on donations and volunteers and we are hugely appreciative of all the support we receive. As a small charity we can guarantee that all donations go straight to where they are needed.