Wings of Healing
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Dawro Trip Report
Report of the May/June 2021 mission
at May 29 2021 - June 7 2021

Purpose of the mission: To Provide Pelvic Organ Prolapse Treatment for 50 women in Dawro Zone, Tarcha General Hospital General Objectives of the mission: To end the hidden suffering of mothers with POP Specific objectives To treat 50 women suffering from POP in Dawro Zone To Provide Surgical skill development training for 3 gynacologists on […]

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March 2020 Trip Report

On a Sunday morning, a medical team from Wings of Healing travelled to the beautiful city Arba Minch Ethiopia for the second time to provide charitable surgical treatment from 8-15th March. The procedures took place in Arba Minch Generalized Hospital, which has been serving the local community for over 50 years. A joint mission was […]

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April 2020 – An end to the hidden suffering

A 75 years old, Yambe Gamo was born and raised in the southern region of Ethiopia. It was 15 years back that she first noticed a bulge coming out of her vagina. She was very scared and wondered what was happening to her but chose to keep it quiet as she was embarrassed to disclose […]

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January – February 2020 Arba Minch
Category: Arba Minch

The team just completed a campaign to treat pelvic organ prolapse in Arba Minch. Arba Minch is a beautiful town in the south of Ethiopia. People and staff were very friendly and welcoming. Even the wild life showed welcome signs when some animals walked to greet us next to the gynaecology ward.

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Wings of Healing coordinator

Wings of Healing is very lucky to recruit a young bright Ethiopian doctor as the coordinator of our increasing work in Ethiopia. Dr Feven Tesfay had a major impact on the work of Wings of Healing in her first three months. She bought enough fruit for the 2600 residents for Mekedonia the place for the […]

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Letter from Theresa May
Category: Letters of appreciation

Dr Onsy Louca recieves a letter of recognition for the outstanding volunteer work that Wings Of Healing are doing across the continent with providing essential care to women. Please click here to read the full letter.

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October 2019 Two weeks in Addis Ababa
Category: Addis Ababa

Wings of Healing team has just come back from Addis Ababa after spending two weeks in “Mekedonia Home for the elderly and mentally disabled”. There are a total of 2600 residents, the vast majority of them were homeless. They get a very limited medical care. The team provided medical and social care. General health checks […]

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‘Breaking news’
Category: Appreciation

Breaking news as UK Ambassador Susanna Moorehead held a reception event for British charity Wings of Healing. Click here to read more

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August 2018 10 day mission
Category: Addis Ababa

Wings of Healing Charity, St Paul Hospital, Addis Ababa and a Gynaecologist from Waliso and a surgical nurse from Axum have just completed a 10 day mission to Durame in the Southern Region. 100 women received surgical treatment for debilitating degrees of pelvic organ prolapse. The team worked very well together. A young Gynaecology resident […]

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“Breaking News 2018”

Wings of Healing will organise a mission to Africa every other month in 2018. Look out for updates on these future visits on our website. Click here to read about our past trips

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Dr Onsy Louca

“Through ‘Wings of Healing’, you are changing the lives of tens of thousands of women in Africa. You and your team are doing inspirational work in providing essential care to vulnerable women across the continent.” Click here to read the full article    

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Doctors Training & Screening

The team is joined by a number of gynaecology trainees. Many of them were trained to treat some of the common gynaecology procedures. The team introduced cervical screening in some areas of Addis Ababa and the area covered is getting bigger. Over the next few years we should see a reduction in the number of […]

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Medical Missions of 2017

Wings of Healing has been been carrying out 2 medical missions a year for over five years. In every mission the team saw free of charge 300-500 patients and operated on 80-100 patients in every mission. In many of the earlier missions WoH hired a private hospital at the cost of £15,000 to £22,000 and […]

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