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May 2013 trip to Ethiopia.
By: Wings of Healing Update
May 24, 2013

We took part in a mission of doctors, midwives, nurses and other professionals, interested in childcare during May 2013. The mission members will do the normal educational activities as well as provide medical services to some of the very needy patients. The mission members visited the orphanage that Wings of Healing supports and our work with the local health professionals and the social workers in Ethiopia will continue.



Wings of Healing is working with Bethel Teaching Hospital on a business case to establish the first working radiotherapy unit in Addis Ababa. We encountered a large number of late stage cervical cancer. These cases can only be treated by radiotherapy. This unit is expected to be very busy. Once further news become available about this unit, details will be available on the web site. The unit will need over £300,000 to establish. Donations will be greatly appreciated.

WoH contributed to the funding the Trainers conference in Addis Ababa in February 2013. The 3 day course was held in St. Paul and Bethel Hospitals.

Wings of Healing also agreed with the owner of The Children’s Village, an orphanage housing 17 children, a plan to increase the number of the orphans and street children cared for. Each child will cost around £25.00 per month. 100% of the money will be spent on the children’s needs including providing education.


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