Wings of Healing
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August 2018 10 day mission
By: Wings of Healing Update
In: Addis Ababa
Sep 5, 2018

Wings of Healing Charity, St Paul Hospital, Addis Ababa and a Gynaecologist from Waliso and a surgical nurse from Axum have just completed a 10 day mission to Durame in the Southern Region.

100 women received surgical treatment for debilitating degrees of pelvic organ prolapse.

The team worked very well together. A young Gynaecology resident received very good training. 


This is the first almost all Ethiopian team. Some members of the team shared in previous missions and obtained enough training to make them able to lead missions in Ethiopia.
We were joined by members of the cancer team in St Paul Hospital in Addis for few days. Many women were screened for breast and cervical cancer. When cancer was diagnosed, treatment was given.

We are planning another mission to Durame in the next three months.

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