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Letter of appreciation from Axum University Hospital
By: Wings of Healing Update
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Dec 2, 2016

A report on the November 2016 mission

A team of 14 doctors, nurses and support staff travelled to Addis Ababa and there to Axum in North Ethiopia.



The hospital team reviewed a number of patients with debilitating degrees of female pelvic organ prolapse. 89 patients had their surgery successfully and they all went home in a good condition with supplies of food and some clothes to last them one month.

The community team made of 2 GPs, 2 nurses supported by 2 other members of the team and few local nurses managed to do health screening for diabetes and high blood. More than 10% had high blood pressure and more than 4% had diabetes. They were all referred to Axum University Referral Hospital to commence treatment. The reason we undertook this project was the fact that we found a lot of people needing renal dialysis as well lot of young people with stroke. We hope that this work which is being fully analysed by the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, will help to prevent many of the late complications of hypertension and diabetes.


The team will continue with the missions. Next mission will be to Axum as well but at the end of the mission the team will explore another place Soqota.

Hundreds of factory workers are queuing for health screening

Hundreds of factory workers are queuing for health screening


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