Wings of Healing
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Past Africa trips

May 2014 Trip.

In May 2014 twenty-two Wings of Healing volunteers went to Addis Ababa to work in Bethel Teaching Hospital and a Children’s Village. Over 500 patients were seen in clinic and

November 2013 WOH Mission Report.

The Wings of Healing Medical Mission
This mission comprising our largest team yet – 12 medical personnel forming two complete Operating Theatre teams – successfully reviewed over 200 under-privileged Ethiopian Women

May 2013 trip to Ethiopia.

We took part in a mission of doctors, midwives, nurses and other professionals, interested in childcare during May 2013. The mission members will do the normal educational activities as well as

November 2011 & May 2012 trips.

Prior to the official formation of Wing of Healing our group was part of two medical aid missions which were run by a larger international charity. We operated as a